There are several reasons to have your boundary survey recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds:

 You can request that your survey not be recorded.  Be advised that most governmental units will require that a lot split or new tract be recorded.  The licensing board for land surveyors in Kansas (KSBTP) requires that all new tract must be recorded and that would preclude this option.

When seeking the services of a Land Surveyor, do not assume that all surveys are recorded.  Sadly, most are not.  So insist right up front that your survey be recorded and that you are clear on the associated fees, such as the professional Review before Recordation requirement (KSA 58-2005) fee and the Register of Deeds' filing fee.  At GeoTech, Inc., we routinely record all of our Boundary Surveys at no additional cost to our clients.  We just think it is the right thing to do!

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